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Umpire Role
: Please read this article on the Little League Site. 

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Things to remember as Umpire: 

I just wanted to share a few things with all those parents that volunteer to umpire.  Umpiring is not easy!  It takes practice and commitment to the rules in order to provide our children the best experience possible.  Make sure you are in the best position to make the call. Remember to keep the game going and try to prevent it from getting bogged down.  Below are some hints to help you enjoy the experience of umpiring:

 ü  All times on the schedule are “starting” times.

ü  Home Plate Umpire should arrive at least 15 minutes before the game if not earlier.

ü  Make sure you get 3 game balls from the Home Team with 2 of them being new.

ü  Only allow 5 warm-up pitches between innings.  If pitcher is replaced during the inning, he then can have unlimited pitches in order to be ready.  Remember “unlimited” should not drastically halt the game.

ü  All non-batting personnel “must” be in the dugout.  Extension fence on the Major’s field is not part of the dugout.  Enforce this!

ü  No player is allowed to swing bats in front of the dugout while the pitcher warms up.  Only the first batter of the inning shall be out of the dugout warming up.

ü  Anytime the ball hits the white chalk line past first base on its way to the outfield fence, the ball is FAIR.

ü  Keep the plate as clean as possible.

ü  Call the pitch as it crosses the plate, not where the catcher catches the ball.  Remember this is a hitters game and these pitchers are not major leaguers so do not hold them to that standard as far as strike zone is concerned. Establish a consistent strike zone for both teams!

ü  Be sure both base coaches are in position before you put the ball in play at the start of each ½ inning.  If a base coach comes out of the box and assists their players as they round the base call it!

ü  The Home Plate Umpire should always discuss who is calling the play at first or third with the Base Umpire prior to the first pitch of the game.  Make sure the 2 of you are on the same page! No Umpire shall overturn the call of the other umpire without discussing it between each other  away from coaches and managers.  Never let a coach or manager convince you to overturn your call!

ü  The Home Plate Umpire should always have a copy of the rule book in their possession!  Remember there is a copy in the Crows Nest just in case but if you use it put it back!

ü  Enforce Pitch Count Rule! 11-12 years olds are limited to 85 pitches and those 10 and younger are limited to 75 pitches per day.

ü  Make sure at the end of the game the Home Plate Umpire signs the official scorebook.

ü  The umpiring crew must be aware of the lightning rule and therefore enforce the rule as it is written!

 The players and fans greatly appreciate the fact that you have volunteered to umpire.  Do not be afraid to warn any fan if they are getting vulgar or abusive.  You are in control!

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