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TBall Rules

PHILOSOPHY: To teach basic skills in baseball with emphasis on sportsmanship, team play and recreation.  

  • The batter will hit a ball off of the tee, swinging until ball is hit.  NO THROWING BATS! 
  • Once the last batter in the lineup has reached first base the half inn is over and teams switch sides.
  • There will be no pitching.
  • Do not field (put a player in the spot of) the pitcher’s position.
  • Every player on either team will have one chance at bat per inning. 
  • Games consist of 3 innings or 45 minutes; whichever comes first. 
  • Every player will take the field when their team is on defense. 
  • There will be only one base on an overthrow. 
  • A play is stopped when the catcher has the ball. 
  • Players must be rotated to allow experience in all positions.
  • A soft rubber ball will be used. 
  • Practices will be limited to 2 per week. 
  • Games will be limited to 2 per week. 
  • Team managers and coaches will both instruct and umpire during the game. 
  • There will be no scoring and no winner or loser in the game. 
  • No older or younger or unregistered children may participate in either practices or games. 
  • Home team dugout is by third base and visitors’ dugout is by first base.  Visiting team bats first and home team bats last. 
  • All parents will be asked to work the concession stand at least one time per child per season.  
  • There will be no smoking or tobacco in the dugouts or on the fields.

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