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Coach Pitch Rules

Regular Little League Rules will be followed with the following exceptions: 

The max number of pitches from the coach is seven, once reached a tee must be used.

When the count on the batter has reached four balls, the batting tee may be used.  The use of the batting tee at this age is not encouraged.  The batter will not walk. If the ball is not hit by the swing, the swing is then called a strike and it goes against the batters count.  The coach/umpire may also call strikes.  A batter can strike out once three strikes have been reached and will be called out.  Any ball not hit out of the circle (off the tee only) is considered a foul strike.  A foul ball on the third strike is not an out.  When using the batting tee, the circle to hit beyond shall be no less than five feet. You can strike out off the tee. Batter must have both feet in the batter’s box.

  • The runner may advance only one base on an overthrow.
  • No runner may advance on a passed ball or a wild pitch.
  • No runner may advance if an overthrow occurs when the catcher is returning a pitched ball to the pitcher.
  • No runner may score from third base on an overthrow of third by the catcher.
  • When there is a play at home, the runner must slide or be declared out after one warning. This rule is to protect the catcher.
  • The last batter may continue until called out, held to a base, or reaches home plate safely.
  • You may use adult coaches or player coaches on the bases. Player coach must wear a helmet. 
  • Three innings constitutes an official game.  Extra innings will be played within time constraints.  There is a 1 hour and 30 minute time limit for all games.  When the time limit expires, the game is stopped.  No new inning can start after 75 minutes. 
  • All players will take the field when their team is on defense.  A normal infield will be used with the balance of the players used in the outfield.  The outfield is considered the edge of the grass. 
  • All players will bat in the same order for the entire game.  All players bat. 
  • Three outs or batting once through the lineup ends your teams turn on offense or defense. 
  • All players will play the whole game. 
  • Each player must rotate in position at least once per game, preferably once per inning, with all players playing each of the positions throughout the season.  Players must play one inning in infield and the outfield per game.
  • No stealing or leading off. 
  • Free substitutions are allowed for all players in the game. 
  • Players cannot leave the base until the ball is hit. 
  • Seven players are required to start at game time. 
  •       NOTE:  The manager must notify the director or president of the league at least 24 hours ahead of the game if he cannot field a team.
  • All pitching shall be provided by the batting team's manager or coach.  The manager or coach shall pitch either underhand or (preferably) overhand to get the desired results of
  • Providing strikes for the players to swing at.  The official pitching distance is 40 feet.  Bases are 60 feet apart. 
  • A defensive player shall stand behind to the manager or coach who is pitching and field all hit balls.  (Adults cannot field any hit balls.) 
  • When an infielder returns the ball to the pitcher on the mound, the play is over. 
  • No bunting. 
  • A hit batter will continue to bat. 
  • The strike zone will be from the armpits to the knees. 
  • No team standings will be kept. 
  • No score will be kept in each game. 
  • There will be no smoking or tobacco in the dugouts or on the fields. 
  • These games are for the kids' instruction and for fun.  

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