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AAA Minors Rules

All Little League Rules are to be followed, with the following exceptions:

Only 5 runs per inning are allowed to be scored, no exceptions.

Length of games will be based on time limits or 6 innings, whichever comes first.  No inning may start 1 hour and 30 minutes after first pitch, which should be recorded by home team.  The beginning of an inning is when the 3rd out of the previous inning was made or 5 runs have scored.  If you are at 1 hour and 29 minutes when the 3rd out is made or 5 runs score, you proceed with the next inning unless you have played 6 innings.

At the end of 4 complete innings the game may be called, if there is a 10 runs or greater difference in the score or 15 after 3 complete innings.

The visiting team needs to provide a field umpire and pick up trash in their dugout and stands after the game.

The home team shall provide game balls, a home plate umpire, scorekeeper, and field prep before and after the game.  Home team also must pick up trash in their dugout and stands after the game.

Only 4 adults may be in the dugout

A continuous batting order will be used made up of all players dressed for the game.  If a player leaves for any reason, his spot will be skipped without an out occurring.

Each player will play a minimum of six consecutive outs defensively and at least 1 at bat. 

Judgment calls by umpires cannot be appealed.  Only calls involving rule violations may be appealed.

At game time, if 8 players are not present, team will automatically forfeit. 

In Timberline vs Timberline league games 9yo players must pitch a minimum of 6 complete at bats by batters in every game

Team members league age 12 cannot pitch during inter-league games, but can pitch in Timberline vs. Timberline league games

Adults may warm up pitcher. Warm-up may not exceed eight (8) pitches or one (1) minute.

* Remember that this is an instructional league. Every effort should be made to make the game enjoyable for each player, regardless of his skill level while playing and teaching multiple positions to each player.

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